Premiere News

September 9- 2009:

We are one day away from the world premiere of Berdella. It is a very exciting time to see our work finally come to fruition. The 9pm showing is open to the public at a cost of $7 CASH ONLY.

If you are going to the 9pm please get there by 8:45 or earlier, there are no previews so the movie will start at 9pm!

Finally we have news regarding our Fox 4 interview. It will be airing tomorrow evening at 9pm and 10pm. If you are going to the Berdella World Premiere don’t forget to DVR the news.

Berdella Premiere RSVP Info

August 24- 2009:

Everything related to the movie has been blowing up. Been very busy promoting our World Premiere. Fox 4 just interviewed a detective from the Berdella case and they are going to include that in their interview with us. They haven’t given us an actual date yet, but once we know it will be posted about 24 hours in advance on the web site, plus the facebook, twitter, and myspace pages.

RSVP for the Berdella premiere on Facebook, the event is almost sold out!

We have secured front page of the Rockhurst University newspaper, my alma mater. We’ll have the photo spread and article available on the web site by the end of the week.

Movie Premiere Info

August 17- 2009:

Premiere Info:

The first screening of the movie is at 7pm, the second screening is at 9pm. The first screening is sold out but we’re selling tickets to the second show. To get your tickets and be put on the list, please RSVP by emailing us or responding to the RSVP request on Facebook.

The Screenland has a cash bar and they serve alcohol! The banquet hall has been rented out we are having an after party to celebrate our hard work and the world premiere of Berdella, the strangest and bizarre film of the year.

Berdella Trailer 2

August 5- 2009:

Fox 4 News in Kansas City is doing a special on Berdella. They just interviewed us today and it will air later this week or early next week. Originally it was scheduled for this evening but they wanted to make it into a feature story. We’ll let everyone know when it is scheduled to air.

The long awaited new and official Berdella trailer has just been launched.

Our premiere is set for Thursday night September 10, 2009 at the Screenland theater in the Crossroads KC at 1656 Washington, Kansas City, Mo. 64108. Tickets go on sale very soon, more information on ordering tickets will be available shortly.

Tony’s Kansas City blogged about Berdella

and so did KC Photog Blog :

Berdella T-Shirt 2

June 25 – 2009

Our new Berdella T-Shirts are in stock we have multiple sizes S, M, L, XL all for the low price of $12 plus shipping. If you are interested in our shirts please shoot us an e-mail.


June 21 – 2009:

We have Bobey stickers available for sale get 2 stickers for $1 plus postage. If you’re interested email us with your information.



Berdella Blanket

June 1- 2009:

We have been very busy with the movie lately. We just completed it and have started submitting it to film festivals. Were also in pre-production on our next project. July is going to be the big month, we are releasing our NEW BERDELLA TRAILER! So check back often and look forward to what’s coming soon.

We just got this emailed to us today, some more authentic Berdella memorabilia. This person bought this blanket from Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre in the 80’s.

Berdella Premiere Date Set!

April 22- 2009:

It is official we have set our premiere date. Berdella will be premiering at the Screenland movie theater September 10th 2009. The movie is in its final stages of editing and we will be submitting it to numerous film festivals over the next several months. We just got Berdella business cards made, hopefully you’ll come across these!

Berdella Prison Letter

April 14- 2009:

One of our fans sent us this hand written letter that Bob wrote while in prison to one of the prison guards wife. The guard said he was pretty mental and was always writing notes like he was not in prison.

“Alex told me Bob was just plain nuts. He said he would write letters to the guards all the time. I don’t really remember the reason for this note.  If I remember right he said he was in solitary confinement,so he only had contact with a few guards.”