Authentic T-Shirt

March 25- 2009:

Today we have something special, an authentic-original Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre t-shirt from the 1980s. We came into possession of the t-shirt and business card recently and it has become sort of a good luck charm for the promotion of the movie. Oddly enough the person we got the items from said it was cursed and he and the owner before him got bad luck from it…not us though!

Authentic Original Bobs Bazaar Bizarre T-Shirt

Authentic Original Bob's Bazaar Bizarre T-Shirt

Close-up of T-Shrt

Close-up of T-Shrt

Guess Who’s Back!

March 19- 2009:

Many people have seen these flyers popping up around Kansas City, its our first Berdella flyer promoting our web site. In the next few months more and more advertisements will be seen throughout our great city.

Guess Whose Back

Guess Who's Back

Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre Business Card

March 18- 2009:

Last week we crossed paths with someone who had official Bazaar Bizarre merchandise. This person had no clue that we were making a movie about Bob Berdella but was eager to sell us his treasure. It was an original Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre t-shirt from the 1980s, with official Berdella business card enclosed. We were finally able to shoot our business card stock, so that was nice. We’ll add the t-shirt with next weeks update. For now enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Website Updates

March 11- 2009:

We just added a Berdella Flickr page, take a look at it.

Did a major update to our Bob Berdella page, added more testimonials and added a Berdella timeline!

We’re still editing the movie, working on sound effects, voice over work, and adding a few new scenes. Were on a deadline trying to get the movie done by late May so we can enter it into the Kansas International Film Festival, among others.

Our MySpace page has recently been re-designed.

Bob Berdella High

March 3- 2009:

One of our web site visitors sent us this amazing photograph. Bob Berdella’s high school photo!

If anyone has his business card we’d love to get a copy of it, and possibly use it in the movie!

Bob Berdellas High School Photo

Bob Berdella's High School Photo

Thanks to everyone whose been showing support for the movie by joining our Facebook group and frequenting the web site and watching our trailer. Crunch time is among us, were on deadline to get this movie done so we can submit to upcoming film festivals. Once we have our actual date set for our theatrical premiere we’ll be adding a countdown feature that will countdown the days to the movie’s debut.

Film News

February 24- 2009:

Our facebook group has been expanding, please feel free to join our Berdella movie group to show your support for the movie! Also, don’t forget to visit our Twitter page or our MySpace. Editing on the movie is almost complete were adding in sound effects these days. We’re looking into different film festivals and will release that list over the next few months. Our intended release date will be September 2009 a week or so after Labor Day ’09.

Social Networks

February 7- 2009:

We’ve been working on the movie non stop lately, I feel like were about 85-90% done with editing. Just created a Berdella Twitter and a Berdella Facebook group!

Berdella Twitter:

Berdella Facebook Group:

Google updated their map service, check out 4315 Charlotte as it sits today!

This empty lot below is what is left over of the Berdella residence.
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Happy Birthday Bob Berdella

January 31- 2009:

Happy birthday Bob Berdella

Today, if Bob were still alive it would be his 60th birthday.

Editing the movie is coming along very well. We have our score by Topp Boom courtesy of Symbol Heavy Recordings. Most of the video is edited together, were currently adding sound tracks and dubbing. The long tedious process continues but we hope to have the film completed in the next few months. Our plan of attack is film festivals starting this summer, we intend on submitting it to numerous ones here in the states and abroad. Our premiere will be around late August early September, about a year from when filming completed. More information on the movie and where it will be playing will be made available over the next couple of months.

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Berdella 2.0 – The new site

January 27- 2009:

We have launched version 2.0 of our Berdella web site. This site will be a lot more interactive, we’ve included a Berdella message forum where people can post their stories and experiences about Bob Berdella. Many people have emailed their stories to us about Bob and we’ve included those in our newest section of our web site entitled Bob Berdella. The new section covers the history of the man and everything that goes with him.

Berdella Web Forum :