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Berdella Trailer 2

August 5- 2009:

Fox 4 News in Kansas City is doing a special on Berdella. They just interviewed us today and it will air later this week or early next week. Originally it was scheduled for this evening but they wanted to make it into a feature story. We’ll let everyone know when it is scheduled to air.

The long awaited new and official Berdella trailer has just been launched.

Our premiere is set for Thursday night September 10, 2009 at the Screenland theater in the Crossroads KC at 1656 Washington, Kansas City, Mo. 64108. Tickets go on sale very soon, more information on ordering tickets will be available shortly.

Tony’s Kansas City blogged about Berdella

and so did KC Photog Blog :

Berdella Blanket

June 1- 2009:

We have been very busy with the movie lately. We just completed it and have started submitting it to film festivals. Were also in pre-production on our next project. July is going to be the big month, we are releasing our NEW BERDELLA TRAILER! So check back often and look forward to what’s coming soon.

We just got this emailed to us today, some more authentic Berdella memorabilia. This person bought this blanket from Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre in the 80’s.

Authentic T-Shirt

March 25- 2009:

Today we have something special, an authentic-original Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre t-shirt from the 1980s. We came into possession of the t-shirt and business card recently and it has become sort of a good luck charm for the promotion of the movie. Oddly enough the person we got the items from said it was cursed and he and the owner before him got bad luck from it…not us though!

Authentic Original Bobs Bazaar Bizarre T-Shirt

Authentic Original Bob's Bazaar Bizarre T-Shirt

Close-up of T-Shrt

Close-up of T-Shrt

Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre Business Card

March 18- 2009:

Last week we crossed paths with someone who had official Bazaar Bizarre merchandise. This person had no clue that we were making a movie about Bob Berdella but was eager to sell us his treasure. It was an original Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre t-shirt from the 1980s, with official Berdella business card enclosed. We were finally able to shoot our business card stock, so that was nice. We’ll add the t-shirt with next weeks update. For now enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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Berdella T-Shirts

October 1- 2008:

T-Shirt Design for Berdella, E-Mail us if you want to special order a shirt, provide quantity and sizes.